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Posted by trombiaddict on 2004.12.27 at 14:25
Stem Cell Therapy Presented at the 15th ASEAN Congress of Cardiology

Pattaya City, Thailand October 24, 2004 - One of the most revolutionary topics in healthcare today-stem cell therapy- was presented by Professor Alexander Battler today at the 15th ASEAN Congress of Cardiology. Professor Battler is Director of the world renowned Cardiology Department, Rabin Medical Center and the incumbent of the Andre Feher Chair of Cardiology at the Sackler Medical School at Tel Aviv University. He is also the Chairman of the one of the Executive Committees of the European Society of Cardiology. The lecture presented the potential effect that the state of the art treatment utilizing cell therapy developed by TheraVitae has on end stage heart disease. This therapy can treat a previously diagnosed terminal heart patient and be given a new opportunity at life.

TheraVitae has spearheaded the effort of moving the theoretical concepts of stem cell therapy into practical reality. This novel therapy is being applied in many clinical trials at the Siriraj Hospital in Bangkok. "Our research is about saving patients lives and improving their quality of life afterwards, said Professor Battler." The extraordinary work done by TheraVitae is expected to accomplish both.

Dr. Valentin Fulga, CEO of TheraVitae explained further, "we use the patients own blood to extract the needed stem cells. There is no embryonic culture involved. In effect, the patient cures himself. We are very encouraged by the results of our clinical study and hope that they point toward an exciting new horizon."

The key of stem cell therapy in cardiology involves revascularization-building a new blood network in the area that the blood vessels are occluded. As the cells are autologous (belong to the patient himself), the risk of rejection does not exist. The injection of the cells is done during angioplasty, a standard procedure performed dozens of times per day by specialized cardiologists and requires only one day of hospitalization.

TheraVitae is an emerging healthcare company with the prime mission to offer novel, cutting edge therapies to patients worldwide needing these modern therapies. Initially, the Company focuses on the treatment of cardiovascular disorders, but it is expected that treatments for other severe disorders such as diabetes, macular degeneration will be developed soon.

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